Monday, December 14, 2009

ON jammies!

This week at Old Navy, jammies starting at $7 and save 20% on online orders!
Some people complain that Old Navy is low quality, but if you out (or under) grow/stain/get tired of your clothes quickly (guilty!), I think it's perfect.

Besides, you can never have too many pajamas.
I totally agree - I don't mind the cheapness because usually it's a style I'm not planning for years to come.  And I've found some a-MAZing deals in the clearance racks.  Also, it's one of the only retail stores withing 60 miles of me.  *groan*  Thanks for the link, Cath!!

I think the $7 flannel jammie pants are MINE.  Are you aware it's gonna be 7 degrees tonight?!?!

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