Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Favorite Things - Ria Fashions

One of my best friends is Indian, and I've always been taken with how flattering her clothing is.  It's not clingy, but doesn't look dumpy, and it always looks classic.  Plus, as a tall gal, the tops are long enough that you aren't constantly pulling your shirt down trying to cover your crack.  I decided to try and find some Indian style tops for my shows with my band - which, although a celtic group, the tops are festive so I thought it could work.  Ug, but the prices I found online!  So expensive!  I almost gave up, until I found the fabulous gem of Ria Fashions.  The prices are so reasonable, most shirts from $10-19, with some fancier dress ones in there for nicer occasions for more, and still cheaper than anywhere else online.  FREE US SHIPPING, too!  I can't tell you how many compliments I get when I wear them!  I wear them with jeans or skirts, they are a fabulous accent piece that make an outfit pop with minimal effort, and are sooooo flattering, yet hide everything I want hidden.  In fact, I wore them as maternity tops too.  No one could tell I was pregnant in them because they were so flowy, and when I went to church the week after I gave birth, I wore one of the tops and everyone was shocked with how flat my stomach looked!  It wasn't, but the shirt covered it up perfectly!  The only warning I'll give is that the material most of the shirts use - a French Crepe - does no stretch at all.  Not an issue, exept my bustline expanded significantly after this last baby and the tops I had in my pre-babysize won't fit over my chest.  No worries, just means I had to get some more:)