Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Free shipping, woohoo!

I don't know how long this is good for, but go check it out if you can! I was just surfing wetseal.com looking for the perfect v-neck tee, when I found just what I wanted - and they were 2 for $10! And then after a quick trip to retailmenot.com (thanks Chelsea!!!!) I found a free shipping code for all orders!!


So I got 2 fabulous shirts, NO shipping - the total was $10.60 total!! I don't know how long the offer is good for, so go check it out asap!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Another freebie from Brylane...

On the same token as the free sewing machine, Brylane Home is also offering a free patchwork throw with any purchase right now, good through April 15th, 2008. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for Brylane's "free with ANY purchase" promotions. I don't know if I need a patchwork throw, but you might!
Use this code: BHFREETHROW

(I've gotten a free fondue pot and free sewing machine from these offers:)

essential tees, essential prices

I don't know about you, but I'm a tall gal who has trouble finding shirts that cover me up. If the shirt is long, it is low up top, and if it is modest on the top, it's too short on the bottom. GAH. There's a bunch of awesome resources now for us to be modest AND hott. First off there's Shade, who are the original and best at covering tees (there is a seriously asweosme $6 and $8 clearance sale going on right now!) AND on any purchase you make, use the code CAL7266 to get 5% off - that's my good friend's code, she's a personal shopper and is my hook-up to all their sales!

I also found this sale today - Jil Designs is selling all their cap sleeve modest t's (the long kind, bless em:) for $6.99 right now - and on the skirt front there's 2 adorable skirts for sale too for under $10, as well as a good plus size collection for $8.99 and lower.

Methinks I needs to do some shopping:)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Toygroove.com has a clearance sale on Disney Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Digital Photo Frames, MP3 Players, and Video Players. It's SO time to stock up on some gifts for your kiddos (and for you!) Oh, and the video players take SD cards so you can stock up on cards and load movies on them, or buy their pre-loaded cards!!

Disney Mix Max - Cheetah Girls - 64% off - $34

Best Price online - $89.00 at kbtoys.com

Disney Mix Max - Pirates of the Carribean - 50% off - $48

Best Price online - $75.00 at bestbuy.com

Disney Flix Digital Video Camera - Black - 60% off - $35

Best Price online - $99.00 at bestbuy.com

Disney Digital Picture Frame - Cars / Pirates of the Carribean - 50% off - $45

Best Price online - $99.00 at toysrus.com

Disney Mix Stick - Pirates of the Carribean 1G MP3 Player - 60% off - $19

Best Price online - $39.00 at Best Buy.com

Disney Pix Max - Stars 3 MP Digtial Camera - 50% off - $38

Plus LOTS more… My personal fav is the MP3 player on a charm bracelet for a cool $25:) So go stock up!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free Mini Sewing Machine

Found this at Slickdeals:

Brylane Home has a coupon code BHSEW4U for a free Mini Rex Sewing Machine with any purchase. Machine will be added automatically when you apply the coupon code. Shipping starts at $5.

Best part is, I have always wanted to learn how to sew and that is a fabulous excuse! (hello?? It's RED??) I bought some towels for $4 since you can't have too many when you have a messy baby, and I got a free sewing machine!! A year ago, my husband got a free fondue pot for me from Brylane with their same type of promition, and all he did was purchase some matress clips, which actually came in handy a few months later.
I checked the reviews for the produce on Amazon and thye are mxed, but I figure for free, it's a great place to start!!

Chelsea is a sexy beast!

Chelsea is a freaking SAINT! She sent me these awesome e.mails weeks ago and will all the family trauma, I haven't been checking myu e.mail like I should. But thye are so wonderul, I must share them with y'all!!

1) http://www.retailmenot.com/ I'm all about coupon codes for ANYTHING I buy online. This one seems to have a great number of coupon codes. Usually if I can't find anything just through a google search, I try Retail Me Not. which leads me to #2 -

2) http://www.ebates.com/If you sign up through the link below:


I'll get $10 when you sign up and YOU'LL get $10 when you sign up through my email address: chelseacc at the hotmail and then make your first purchase. (Typically you get a $5 bonus from a referral but they're running a promotion.) So Ebates is an awesome site where you go shopping online at the same stores you usually do, but if you go to ebates and then to another site (overstock.com, for example) and follow the link to Overstock, you'll get an additional 4% rebate on your purchase. AND you can use promo codes (retailmenot.com) in addition to this option. The $10 referral is only available until Feb 14th, so sign up your first account with my email address and then send out referalls to all yours and get bookoo bucks after they make their first purchase through Ebates. *if you want more details on why they'll give you money, go here: http://www.ebates.com/help/how_ebates_works.htm?navigation_id=18452 I gave my sis this bargain yesterday and instead of spending $420 on an armoire, she got it for $379, PLUS she'll get a check in the mail from Ebates for $15 from her purchase at overstock and $10 referral signup - she's getting it for $355! I should be the favorite sister.

3) http://www.todaysdod.com/This is an awesome site that shows all of the hot bargains of the day from a number of sites, including Woot and Ihavetohavethat.com. They tell you how many hours are left for the deal, what the sellout likelihood is and how hot the link is.

Shoot! I should have looked at this earlier - but I'm totally signing up on ebates anyway. THANKS CHELSEA!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Swiss Knife of MP3 Players

Right after my daughter was born, my husband gave me a RCA Lyra 2780 MP3/Video player. He found it for about $120 on Woot! and got it for the following reasons:
*20 GB is nothing to sneeze at.

*I can store all kinds of files on it - I have a whole folder of pictures to show off to friends, it has videos, I play songs, I'm sure there's even more I can do, and options are nice!

*There's a TV out and TV in capability. I can play things on the TV if I connect my Lyra to it - but I can also record videos on it STRAIGHT FROM THE TV.

So, he loaded some of my favorite TV shows on it and I would watch it in the middle of the night as I fed my daughter. It was such a great gift and I loved it. Now, I listen to music on it, but a few months ago I started a-thinking... I plugged it into my VCR and recorded a Baby Einsten on it. Just watching the hypnotizing video would calm my daughter anywhere, anytime! I didn't put the headphones on her of course - she's just 1! But a few months ago, I found a small set of speakers at the Dollar Tree that I plug right into the headphone jack and I can play it for her with the sound any time. Heck, I recorded some episodes of Sesame Street onto it from the TV and tied a string around the headrest of the seat in front of her in the car, hung it on it (there's a clip in the back on the cover of the player) and it's a really portable, really handy video player for her that I can take anywhere since all I need is the player and the mini speakers!

Last night she was going crazy at the restaurant we were at, and we sat it up on the table in front of her (it has a stand built in of the back so it can stand up) with the sound low so only our table could hear, and she sat peacefully for 40 minutes while we all ate dinner together! We still talked to us, ate and played, but when we wanted to watch and get a distraction it was there and my hubby and I enjoyed a conversation together:)

Cons: The battery life isn't great, but I just keep it plugged in with the car adapter that comes with it and the rest of the time is fine. Also, I don't know if the software that comes with it works with Vista yet, so I saved it on my older desktop. It can also be tricky to load some video files from your computer, but it's pretty easy usually.

SO I say, go find one! There are places on the internet to get deals on 'em, and it was TOTALLY worth it. I love it for a mazillion of reasons, mostly now a easy baby distracter, but I also get to use it myself as often as I can.