Thursday, May 31, 2007

Free kids movies all summer long!

Weeeee!! This link was on one of my favorite sites, ParentHacks (Which in itself is an awesome site to know) - Free summer kids movies!! I wanna go right now!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Coupon books make me happy.

You are already checking out a website with the word Cheapskate in it so I can easily assume you have no problems using a coupon. Yay, the 2007 Entertainment book (that big fat thing with all the coupons in it) is now $9.99 plus shipping, down from $27.99 Lots of fun buy-one-get-one-free goodness and miniature golf rounds and cheap movie tickets and whoopee!! Go check out what is available for your town here.

And then go mad with coupon-y goodness!

Calling all tall girls

Okay, I may be a little behind the times here, but being an Amazonian woman, I figured that to get a pair of jeans I loved and that would reach the floor, I had to spend at least $50 at the Gap. But ah-ha, not so. I'd previously gotten jeans from Old Navy before and they'd all ended up making me look like a freaking sailor. But yesterday as I was mucking around our local ON, trying to use up my Mother's Day gift card, I discovered that Old Navy jeans have not only gotten cooler over the years, they also have short, regular and LONG sizes!!! And may I say, I look so super hott. The most expensive ones were about $29.95 and mine were a cool $25, which is a fair price for something I'll end up wearing every day. Oh yeah, and my tush looks INCREDIBLE in them.

Just thought you'd like to know ;)
PS It's flip flop season too, and they also have the best selection of $5 and under flops in the land.

Semi-Annual Sale!!!!

It's finally here!!! The semi-annual sales at Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret!!!! Mar your calendars, people - June 4th, 9am. If you are of the female persuassion, I'd head to Victoria's first because it's usually packed and you wanna get there to get your size before it's gone. But then, off to Bath and Body Works and go back often, because each week has new sales and such for 3-4 weeks. Some sales I've gleaned so far:

$1 Glycerin Soaps
$1 NEW! Signature Collection Freshwater Cucumber & Sea Island Cotton 2 oz Body Lotion
$2 Select Lip Products (save up to $4)
$3 First Time Ever! ALL Signature Collection Creamy Body Wash & Shower Gel (save up to $6.50) (June 4-6 Only!)
$4 Signature Collection Classic Fragrances (Select Fragrances)
$5 All Wallflowers® Starter Kits and Refills (save up to $7.50) (June 4-10 Only!) - this is a GREAT deal!
and up to 75% off select items

Ask the employees what next week's sale will be because what you want might be on sale then. And stock up for gifts to give throughout the year - who doesn't like smelling purty?? It's the happiest day of the year, people!!!