Monday, December 21, 2009

advice please!

Um, so a friend gave me the coolest gift ever - GIFT CARDS!!  She's such a sweetie, she gave me TWO!  Now I need some advice on what to buy because I want to get the most out of 'em.  She got me one to Aeropostale because I was bragging about these SWEET jeans I picked up there for $17 since the ENTIRE STORE is 50-70% off.  I may jsut go pick up a few more pairs while they're on sale - they are seriously HAWT on me, and $17?!?!  That's exactly what I like to pay for jeans :)

And she also gave me a giftcard to Gap - WOW!  I don't shop there often because it can be pricey, but I love the classic style there.  Any suggestions on what I should definately get from Gap?  What is your favorite thing that they sell?  I really want to get the most bang for my giftcard buck.  The gift of shopping?!  Best.  Present. Ever.


Cathie said...

Everyone talks about how great Gap jeans are, and I know they've recently overhauled the designs, but they've never really fit me properly. They do come in Amazonian length, if you need that. I would probably get a cute jacket, though. They always have awesome jackets.

Blanche A. Walsh said...

I think you will just use the card on their sale items. Surely, they will have the sale this Holiday Season. For more shopping needs online, from jeans, fringe tops, bodycon dress, lace sheer lingerie, and even the beauty gift set collections, you can shop at Surely you will be amazed for the big discounts too.