Monday, December 14, 2009


There are going to quite a few posts on this topic coming up... I think - THINK I just found a treasure trove in none other than eBay.  I was trying to find some used leather boots to muck around in this winter, but no dice.  Instead a found more than one retailer selling insanely cool designs from Asia for super cheap, some even free shipping.  I mean, check this one out:

Click here to see more in purple, grey and white - and there's a gorgeous little rosette on it.  So Dang cute!  And it is... $2.99 with $1.99 shipping.  $4.98.  Seriously.    Or this one:

That's here and is $16.99 with free shipping (as is everything at that particular store).

The catch is I'm not sure about sizing, most things I've found are only one size, but it details the measurements so you can check for yourself if it'll fit you.  Some things on my amazonian frame will, like those 2 numbers, some won't, so that's the catch, you gotta be careful.  I'll post some more finds later.. there are some SERIOUS doozies!

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Cathie said...

And Asian sizes tend to run LOTS smaller than American.