Monday, September 17, 2007


I've been wanting to put up some posters in the basement, but dangit I can see myself framing them when poster frames can be so expensive, and I don't want to ruin thema nd just nail them to the wall. But this is a great option - poster hangers. A strip goes on the top and the bottom, easy and done. And they are just about $3 each! That's money I can handle:)

Cheapest everyday photos!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I have found the best onlie or aywhere price for photo develops... $.10 every day?? Go check them out at This just make my day:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

9 cent prints!

So, you've probably logged on and got an account with Snapfish just to get all those free prints. Now what? Well, now until Sept. 8th, the prints for existing account members
is just 9 cents a print! That's cheap, yo! Get all your pictures from the summer did and end the season right Use the code CLOUD9 when ordering.

Just found all these other tasty codes for Snapfish products at
25% off memory books with code AFFMEMBK0907 (exp. 10/1)
20% off your order with code CCABSEP07 or XPCOUPONSEP07 (exp. 10/2)
$5 off $15 purchase with code AFF15PURCH (exp. 10/1)
Free shipping on 10 4x6 prints with code AFF10SHIP07 (exp. 10/1)
20 free prints plus free Flipbook for new members (exp. 9/30)
.99 Shipping credit with code CCRAZE99 or XPCOUPON99 (exp. 10/2)


Yay for Chelsea (and Olaf, of course - the greatest reader a blogger could ask for!!) and the deals they let us in on. Today, Chelsea turns y'all onto candy!!

So I found this awesome free candy bar offer. (Nestle) It tells
you how many are left that they're giving away (kind of nice) and if you
continue through the quiz they give you an additional buy one get one coupon to
Share the love (after requesting one each for you and Jared and Solei
-- can't share, right?)

Note - they give out 2,000 a day, but you have to do it between 9-5pm Pacific Time.

Wooho!!! I'm off!!!

Dang. Cropped. Jacket.

Sorry I've been MIA, lately, every free second on the web has been spent trying to find a blasted cropped jacket for this strapless dress I bought this past summer. Everyone wears these (except for you, Olaf;) but dagnabit, NOONE sells them!! This post is just to brag that I found the faboo jacket at Wet Seal for under $20 after spending almost all bleeping month looking for it. For verrrry trendy clothes and accessories at cheap prices - I always go first to: (for jewlery, bags, etc.)

Where do you go?