Monday, February 15, 2010

How often do you get free shipping PLUS 20% (code: 34197998) your order?  And yet, I can't find anything I want... dagnabit.  Well, if anything tickles your fancy at Martin & Osa, that deal ends tonight!  Happy sale-ing!
via seechloeshop.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Awesome For Less

Okay, so one reason why I haven't been posting copiously is that everytime I find something aswesome, it's usually via and I don't want to be redundant.  That blog is awesome by the way, definately stick it in your reader list.  Also, I've been on a quest.  I found a pair of shoes I HAD to have, but couldn't find anywhere in the world that had them in my size.  Rampage Catalina t-straps in black - delish!

They just didn't exist in my size, anywhere!!  So I've been going crazy trying to find something comparable. I wanted to spend $30 or under, but couldn't find anything as cute for the same price.  UNTIL -----  I searched for black t-straps under Google Shopping.  That service is awesome, it snaps up what's for sale in the same genre and gives me the option of searching by price - loved it.  And I found these sick puppies:

Yeah!!  They have the t-strap thing going on, plus the cool red accents.  Fantastic - and - (drumroll please) I snagged them from k-mart online for $10.20!!!  Normally $12, but there's some sale going on.  Heck, if you pick up a pair this weekend, all shoes are 20% off so they're $9.60.  You still have to pay shipping, but what a steal!!  And I got them last week, wore them to church today. SUPER hott.  I love a happy ending to a story :)