Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Best store for you tech needs

Whoops, sorry its been so long! I'm busy trying to NOT spend money while I get ready for the holidays. But when I do finally decide to splurge, it'll be a on a deal of course!

ANywho, I don't know if I've mentioned this here before, but with the holidays upon us, there's lots of picture taking, and the cheapest place to get a SD card for your camera is hands down, MicroCenter. We've gotten them there as low as 1GB for $10, but even $15 is a steal. See if there's a store near you - it's the best store for tech deals. We got our video camera there, my laptop, you name it. SD cards are so expensive in Brasil, last year my husband had to go there during our Christmas vacay when we were back in the states and buy 1o for different people in his office. It made the 15 hour flight worth it:)

YAY MicroCenter!!