Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my essential tee solution

Looking for some wardrobe basics?  Is it tough for you to find stuff that fits you comfortably?  I found a solution, for me anyway.  I have an issue with shirt length, I'm just too tall and pants are cut too low for me to be comfortable in just any basics.  And yes, there's the DownEast Basics and Shade options, but the material is too thick and too tight half the time.  And the length isn't always consistent between different styles.  So frustrated, took a tape measure to my favorite tee (one I found randomly at a Charlotte Russe a few years back) and measured the length from the top of the shoulder to the hem and discovered the right length for me is 27 inches - 26 works, and 28 is nice, but anything shorter than 26 is just not for me.  Yay!  So what do I do with this information?  Well, 2 of my favorite retailers, Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe give the exact measurements of their tops, so now I can order with confidence, not looking at the picture and hoping it fits like it does on the model (never does though)!  And THAT'S when I stumbled on my favorite find yet!
Forever 21 has a section on their site that's dedicated to inexpensive basics and essentials.  So, I ordered my personal necessity, tees that were all 27" long and they were just what the doctor ordered.  Nothing too thick or fussy, just simple tees that fit how I want and for $2.50 each!!!  I could look at a top I thought would work, then check the measurements and discover it was an inch or two shorter than I like and move on easy peasy to the stuff that works.  Which it does.