Monday, March 24, 2008

Another freebie from Brylane...

On the same token as the free sewing machine, Brylane Home is also offering a free patchwork throw with any purchase right now, good through April 15th, 2008. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for Brylane's "free with ANY purchase" promotions. I don't know if I need a patchwork throw, but you might!
Use this code: BHFREETHROW

(I've gotten a free fondue pot and free sewing machine from these offers:)

essential tees, essential prices

I don't know about you, but I'm a tall gal who has trouble finding shirts that cover me up. If the shirt is long, it is low up top, and if it is modest on the top, it's too short on the bottom. GAH. There's a bunch of awesome resources now for us to be modest AND hott. First off there's Shade, who are the original and best at covering tees (there is a seriously asweosme $6 and $8 clearance sale going on right now!) AND on any purchase you make, use the code CAL7266 to get 5% off - that's my good friend's code, she's a personal shopper and is my hook-up to all their sales!

I also found this sale today - Jil Designs is selling all their cap sleeve modest t's (the long kind, bless em:) for $6.99 right now - and on the skirt front there's 2 adorable skirts for sale too for under $10, as well as a good plus size collection for $8.99 and lower.

Methinks I needs to do some shopping:)