Friday, June 29, 2007

Best. Shoe. Sale. Ever.

RUN don't walk!!! DSW shoes is having a huuuuge sale - with a whole bunch up to 80% off. I got some amazing shoes originaly $40 for $8, fabulous ones. I can't say enough about it, go, go go!!!!!!

PS I found a pair of adorable Keds that were navy and with $40 off, were still $21 and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. But then I found a white pair of the same shoe (I preferred it anyway) 80% off - they were $7!!!!!!! I'm still doing a happy dance!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

See what I do for you??

When I moved to Geogia, I googled my favorite restaurants and retail stores to see what I could expect to find. And 3 years ago, there was ONE Jamba Juice in the entire state. But I found it and went to it plenty of times beforfe some weird company bought it out and ruined the dream. So I have no Jamba Juice, and yet I still let you have the link for a buy-one-get-one-free coupon good until July 7th, 2007?? Heck, I'm even giving you a link for store locations!
You can say it. I'm so wonderful.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cheaskatin' for babies

Okay, another one for those of us with little 'uns. BabyCheapskate is a mommy blogger and every week in addition to the deals she finds, she also scopes aroundto find the best prices on diapers and formula. You want to know how much your brand of choice is at Target, or CVS, Walmart, etc.? SHe's got them, plus there are links to find the ads and deals at your local stores.

That's some smart mommy-ing ;)


My buddy Chelsea has equal love of the deal, and she just also happens to be all crafty and creative. This is a plug for her Etsy shop - CheaperByTheDozen. She made me an adorable sign for my daughter's bedroom, she just don't stop with them creations, and her prices are just right. She still just charged me a cool $5. Heh, for my own custom art?? Go check out the eye candy - you rule, Chelsea!!

Smells like gambling!

Hmmm, found another site like woot (details about the funnest site on the planet here) but I just stumbled on and it looks like the same idea. Hey, it's like playing a free lottery, might as well add it to your list, Olaf!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cheap List

We all have places that we like to buy certain things, because we know the prices are better. Hey, as veteran cheapskates, we don't just take what one store has to offer! So I thought it would be neat (with your help, please!) to compile a list of the best places we know to get our everyday and not-so-everday items.

Cleaning products- Dollar Tree
Moving into a new place, I needed lots of glass cleaner and the like all at the same time. A trip to Dollar Tree fixed that for super cheap!

Comfy PJs - Target
Love the selection, love the prices.

Tall Floor lamps - Wal-Mart
We just moved into a place without lots of light fixtures and needed some quick fixes to light up our rooms, and dagnabit Wal-Mart had ones for less than $9!

HARRY POTTER BOOK #7!!!!!! - Costco or Sams Club
If you want to stay up all night and pay Barnes and Noble prices for the last book, be my guest, but for cheapos who love their sleep, you can get them the day it comes out for around $10 cheaper than anywhere else. Nope, don't have to pre-order, just head to your local store and there will be a huge pile waiting for you. I did it for book 6 and it was awesome!

Travel-Size Toiletries - Walmart and Target
Ahhh! I'm messing with you! But isn't it true? Wal-mart has the basics for $.88 and Target has them for $.99. But Target has more selection and more fun things that you wouldn't plan on needing (but once you see them, you KNOW you need them, right?) I suggest stocking up on travel-sized necessities first at Wal-mart (like shaving cream, containers for expensive lotions and pills) then head to Target and get the fun (mostly cosmetics) stuff.

Shower Pouf -Wal-mart
At the Dollar stores they are a dollar. Not bad except you know they are not worth a whole 100 cents. 88 cents seems better to me.

Socks - Wal-mart
You know a big pack o' tube socks and such? And as Stephen COlbert says, since it is their policy to not prosecute any theft worth lass than $25, they are basically freeee!! (you know I'm kidding, right?)

Tower Fans - Big Lots
They are faboo and little ones can't get their fingers stuck in them. I shopped around and I got ours for under $20 so all is cool and frugal in our home!

Storage bins - Ikea
Plastic bins to put toys, craft things in and such? Ikea, $.99 in cool colors.

Produce - your local grocery store
No matter where I go, the best price and selection is always at my Kroger. Sometimes I get lucky at an Asian market or at a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, but usually the most convenient and decent prices I find are at a reg'lar grocery store.

Baby Formula - Wal-mart
I don't scrape around for coupons, the Parent's Choice brand is about $11, whereas the reg'lar brands are about $25. Hmmm... easy choice!

Danielle's List:
(she was shopping at Target when she called me to give me some items for her list, obviously;)

Trident Spearmint Gum - Target
Wal-mart doesn't even carry it. Weidos.

Cotton Balls- Target
Dani is apparently very picky about her cotton balls because other store brands feel more plastic-y and not enough cotton-y to her. She called me from Target and gave me the rundown of their prices in her San Antonio store:
100 for $.89
200 for $1.67
300 for $2.29

Underoos - Target
Better selection, last longer. Maybe it's the brand there, is it Fruit of the Loom? Regardless, I've seen this petite 20-something rock a pair of Batman underoos and it is a sight to behold.

Now join in and tell me what your favorite places are for stuff!! I'll add it here so check back for updates!

Sparkling Cider (aka Mormon Champagne) - Big Lots
They don't carry it at the $ store, $3+ at Walmart, but $1.50 at Big Lots! Chelsea says stock up during the summer for the holiday tipsies!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Oooo, now I have more things to look forward to in the year - Yankee Candle not only HAS a Semi-Annual Sale, they are having their Semi-Annual Sale right now! Use code ASF34 to save $5 off $20+. Shipping is a $6 flat rate for orders under $100. There's probably a store in a mall near you too, so here's the store locator for ya.

Some sale items:

Tarts $1
Samplers $1
Car Jar Air Fresheners $1
Votive Holders $3
Tea Light Holders $3
3.7 oz Jars $5
Fragrance Oils $5
Tea Lights and Pillars $5
Electric Fragrancers Units & Refills $5
Potpourri $7
Jar Shades $7
Other Accessories for $7


Saturday, June 9, 2007

She's got leeeegs!

Okay, this is not a craft blog, but this post shows how I saved myself $12-$20 plus shipping, heh heh. I am a mom to one very wiggly 8 month old daughter, and I recently got all geeked out about the product Baby Legs, basically, leg warmers for babies. It's a great idea, since you can leave them in a onesie and put them on and you can change their diaper without tugging pants off of them and they still have warm legs - although right now I'm less worried about warmth and more about keeping her from scratching up her knees as she crawls all over the place.

But oh, the pain of looking at all these cute thingys and knowing that the soft rainbow ones I wanted were $20.... good golly, I wouldn't spend that much on leg warmers for me!

And then I remember - I have these rainbow toe socks from my "cool" college days that the toes are getting worn out. The solution - cut 'em off and let her go to town!!The unwanted toes.

Then I really couldn't get a good shot of her in them since she wouldn't stop moving, but here's my brag shots anyway:

So, instead of paying $20 I just recycled some old socks:) It can be done with reg'lar ones too, just find some long socks and cut it at the heel.

Color me smart!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Buck love

This post isn't news, but I must admit one of my favorite parts about returning to the states was.... the dollar. Yes, the idea that just one dollar could get me a can opener (did you know they were at least $20 in Brasil?? Seriously!!) or just about anything for a luau and cards and cups and dish detergent... oh, I do love the dollar and what it can get me.

So yeah, you know about Dollar Tree .... can't say much more about it. We all know it freaking rocks. And then there's the dollar spot at Target - ooo, right now there's a bunch of great outdoor games and bubble things, and Simpsons memorabilia... as I said, this is not news. Just wanted to make a small tribute to all the things we can get for a dollar in this great country!

So here it is... in haiku form!!

entering for socks

then finding shirts and loofas

Twenty bucks buys lots!!

Ahhh... you can buy lots of stuff but they still don't sell talent:)

Work it!

When I was preggo, I wanted to exercize but running hurt and was too high impact, and joining a gym was too much commitment and cost. I did love using an eliptical machine back in the college days what with the low impact on the joints and such, but when I went to health stores to find them, they were always $1,000 and up. The answer?

Yup, Walmart had just the machine and it was just over $200. Now that's a splurge I can handle - I used it every morning as I watched the tube(healhy pregnancy, woohoo), and once we finish all this dang unpacking, I'm going to have loads of fun with it again!

Check out the options there - cheaper than a gym, a easy and great way to get your heart rate up and stay healthy while at home.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Free rootbeer float night!!

Whew! Speaking of free, don't forget, tomorrow June 7th from 8pm-midnight Sonic Drive-In restaurants are kicking off summer with free root beer floats!! Then, after that they are only $. 99 (for the duration of the summer I think?)

too... awesome.... speechless from joy.......

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Birthday stuff

It's the husband's birthday (Thursday)!!!!!!! So, he was wondering what the payoff was, since many places have freebies for birthday boys and gals. I am so the right person to ask:)

I already blogged about free Coldstone, so that's one place to hit. Baskin Robbins has a birthday club too, so wheee, lots of brain freeze for your birthday! There's also a free burger at Red Robin and.. well, there's tons of stuff. You can check out a list at (not just for Cali folk) and a huuuuge list at

Celebrate, c'mon!!
Update - and anonymous tip for another treat at Macaroni Grill!

Macaroni Grill - smothered chocolate cake for .01 on your birthday. Yep,
one penny. I had it tonight. It was delicious. Thanks for sharing your tips - we
also signed up for the Cold Stone free birthday thing. My husband enjoyed it
last night and I'll have mine this weekend.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Gift survivalist

Okay, I know this is about 6 months early, but I thought I'd blog about it while it was fresh in my mind. I like to stockpile gifts to give to people, so after Christmas I like to hit the stores and grab all the "gift set" clearance I can find. Then throughout the year, if I find out it's someone's birthday or they need a pick-me-up I'm covered.

Yes, I'm just that awesome.

Anywho, the best place I've found is Joanne Fabrics right after Christmas. Stuff is 75% off (and sometimes more) right and left - I get candle sets, beauty stuff, journal/pen sets, all packaged as gift sets with bows already on 'em. Their gift wrap and bows are on sale as well. I'll remind y'all about it later, just spreading the joy now.

(By the way, here's a link to their clearance page... because you can't resist:)

Flash for less cash!

Um, so holy crap, just after I typed up the last post I saw this deal at has the 4GB Sandisk Cruzer for $18.69 shipped after rebate.
Item has
a rating of 4.5/5.0 from 34 reviews.
Pricegrabber Price : $40 ~ $115 Shipped
1. Click here and click on "Redeem Coupon"
2. Search and Add
SDCZ6-4096-A10 ( Price : $51.25 )
3. Rebate Price : -$30.00 ( Exp : 06/10/07 )
Final Price :
$18.69 Shipped After Rebate

Less than $20 for a 4 Gig flash drive????

Why are you still here???

Microcenter is sooo dreamy.

Your camera needs SD cards, you need a flash drive to take info all over, these are just normal everyday needs. How much have YOU paid for one of these handy dandy little items? I have a fiend that was soo excited for getting a 1GB flash drive for $25. Ha! laughs the MissCheapskate. You call that a deal?? I shall show you a deal!

Microcenter is just about the chepest and best store to get your tech-type stuff, and they have 1 GB flash drives for a cool $9.99, and I've gotten 2GB SD cards there for $14.99. If you are lucky enough to live near one, go check the store out - I'm typing this on a laptop I bought there! They do ship though, so search away.

Now don't you look geeky smart.